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-Yvonne Robinson
Jessica is a wonderful dog trainer. She loves dogs and knows how to train dog owners too! I highly recommend Jessica- she is patient yet firm, consistent and caring. In just 5 lessons, our new dog learned sit, stay, come, heel and down. Jessica has brought calm, relaxation and fun to our dog and house. We can't thank you enough!

I have a 6 month old pit/lab mix and I was getting so frustrated with him because he wouldn't stop biting me.hewouldnt bite my boyfriend just me. Also walking him was impossible for me he would just pull me down the block. So I knew I needed help.so I went online and started searching trainers. I came across sublime k9 traning and requested a free consultation and the next day I got a phone call from Jessica and she wanted to know what was going on.I explained everthing her and two day later she came for the consult. She was very easy to talk to she explained everything so well. After the first visit he showed signs of improvement. Jessica always stayed by my side and told me if I was doing something wrong.After 4 visits my puppy graduated and he no longer bites me and walking him is so easy now he stays right by my side and doesn't pull. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs a trainer. Thank you Jessica for making snyper a perfect puppy.

Our puppy rescue had turned our home into a chaotic, yelling nightmare. Something had to be done for our three children to be able to enjoy the dog they had begged us for, for over a year. Enter Jessica from Sublime K9 Dog Training. From our very first meeting we were impressed with her connection to our dog and after the first meeting cancelled our other appointments with potential dog trainers. Over the next four sessions with Jessica our home slowly returned to normal. Buddy and I now love our morning 3 mile runs together and the children can curl up and watch TV or read a book with Buddy calmly resting on the floor by them. Jessica gave us the tools we needed to help us train our dog and she did so in the most patient, professional way. I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica from Sublime K9. If you are looking for an amazing dog trainer as well as a lovely person you will have found her in Jessica.

I just recently finished training with Jessica, Sublime K9. Several months ago my husband and I bought a Cane Corso. As many know, this breed gets very large. I knew I had to have some training. Well, I just have to say, my dog is such a well behaved dog. I feel confident when I walk her, she stays close by my side. She listens to me like a gem. I have to thank it all to Jessica. She was and is the best!! Both my dog and I enjoyed and looked forward to our weekly vists with Jessica.

She was very professional and knowledgable -- definately knows her stuff! I had her for approx. 6 weeks. She was so good with my dog and now my dog is such a well behaved young lady and I am very proud to walk with her. Thank you Jessica.

2/23/2013 My husband and I were at our wits' end! We adopted two dogs from a kill shelter. We knew very little about them, but felt it was super important to help these girls out. Both of our precious dogs had major obedience issues. One of my girls (Ruth) in particular was becoming extremely aggressive. Never towards people, but definitely towards other dogs.To the point that it was scaring me. Because of her age (we think she is two) we didn't think much was possible to correct the aggression issue.

Well, Jessica came to the rescue! In a short time, both girls learned to stay, walk on a leash and listen to commands. Ruth has made remarkable strides. As Jessica explained to us, most of Ruth's issues dealt with fear. God Bless Jessica! I honestly don't know what we would have done without her help. In addition, excellent customer service! Always on time and professional. It was a pleasure learning from her. I highly recommend Sublime K9! Sylvia B. East Meadow

1/1/2013 What an awesome trainer!! Shes a female Dog Whisperer!! Not all trainers have the compassion and patience that she has!! I am a vet tech in a practice for over 30 years, now that shes trained my newest dog, I highly, highly recommend her to everyone who needs a superb and rewarding experience!! Katie A. Old Bethpage  

 I had so much trouble walking my Lab ....he would pull me along.. lunge at people as they passed, I was jealous of other people who could leisurely walk their dog and have an enjoyable experiance. I needed help..andthats where Jessica came in... I'm so glad I found her... She was patient with Max... and with me as well. Her prices were very affordable and Max is like a totally different dog now. He no longer pulls or lunges.. I walk him instead of him walking me.. I used to dread taking him for walks... now its such a pleasure. Thanks Sublime K9... and especially Jessica!!!

Sublime K9 did a fantastic job helping us with our border collie. He had been having some trouble with nipping, and we were able to work on basic obedience training to help him better follow commands, and things like agility training to increase his confidence and reduce his fear. An excellent combination of behavioral theory and application! A+!

After watching my dog experience high levels of anxiety (including barking and growling) for years, I decided that changes had to be made. During the first visit with Sublime K9, I saw that my dog's fear of people could be managed, with some changes in how I handled certain situations and managed him on leash and in my house. I cannot be more thankful to Jessica at Sublime K9 for teaching me her techniques. We look forward to a lifelong relationship and highly recommend her if changes/ improvements are the goal! - Therese Villemure

Thank you Sublime K9! I have tried for years to stop my dog from jumping at the TV, after no success I called the pros. After the first lesson I noticed dramatic improvement, and it kept getting better. I would definitely recommend Sublime K9 for all training needs. - Pete Sokolowski

RAMBO WALKS! Thanks to Jessica for getting my little stubborn westie to walk. In the past, it was a tug of  war and Rambo was winning. Jessica showed me that I need to be the leader of the pack (albeit a one man pack). I am such a softie but now I feel the power! Jessica you really do a great job of imparting knowledge about dogs and instilling confidence both in pet and owner.  - Rebecca Tiomkin

I have a 6 month old yellow lab named Bella that was jumping all over everyone and play biting all the time.  After hiring Sublime K9 Bella's bad behaviors changed so quickly.  She no longer jumps on people when they come over and she rarely, if ever jumps on members of my family.  The play biting has also been fixed.  Thank you so much Sublime K9!

Being a single girl with a packed schedule, I was definitely nervous that I would never be able to train my newly rescued dog. All I have to say is thank god I found Sublime K9! Jessica was so helpful and completely understood the little quirks and actions of my dog and how to handle them. Not only was Scout, my dog, potty trained in less than two weeks but she also learned basic obedience and stopped play biting. She knows her limits and knows who is in charge. I honestly would not have been able to train Scout alone. Jessica is awesome, and I recommend her highly! - Jennifer Brand

Jessica came to my house only twice and I witnessed significant changes in my pup's behavior. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable, answering any and every question I had. She was very gentle and sweet with my pup and helped me gain my pup’s respect. Jessica was very understanding and really listened to me when I explained my pup's bad behaviors, such as excessive barking and his desire to eat everything around the house he could possibly find. She turned training, something that I had seen as something very difficult and frustrating, into a fun bonding experience with my dog. She provided me with many different and fun ideas on obedience training that I can incorporate into our daily living. We are both very happy to have had her help our family out! - Brittany Butts, Mssapequa, NY

Jessica was absolutely amazing. We have a 3 year old Cairn Terrier who wasn't horrible but definitely had some behavior issues. In only 4 sessions Jessica showed us how to properly train Wrigley and keep him in line. We noticed an absolute difference in Wrigley after only the first session. Most importantly Jessica was very serious about giving us the tools necessary to continue training after the sessions ended. Jessica was always very punctual and professional but more than that Jessica became a friend. She made the sessions fun (despite being late at night after a long day of work) for both Wrigley and our family. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were sad when they ended! We are considering getting a second dog in the Summer and will absolutely be using Jessica again to help us train the puppy. Overall we would highly recommend her services! - Jeanette Jankiewicz Wantagh, NY 

Matt Bella and I just wanted to say thanks again to Sublime K9 Dog Training We had a big family party at the house this weekend and Bella was SPECTACULAR!! Family and Friends thought we bought a new dog. She listened to all her commands, didnt jump once on a guest and even let the kids lay all over her! Thanks again for your help!! Bella loved being the bell of the ball.  - Jaclyn Klein, Wantagh, NY

" Amazing, 3 Months ago they couldnt be in the same house. Now he's (Bambino) raking commands from her" - Dana

Thank you so much Jessica for helping me to train Bernie. When I met you Bernie was a bully, unruly, a biter, jumper, and pretty much did what he wanted, did not listen and I was thinking I made a big mistake in getting him. From unruly dog, to a dog who listens, comes when called, sits when told to, lays down when told to, does not bite or snap at me or my other dogs, is really picking up how to heel on walks and knows "leave it". You instructed me on what to do, showed me and I followed through with what you told me. Now I have a dog I love and am proud of. Thank you so much, I am so glad that I found you. Also a "shout out" to your apprentice Katie, thank you Katie. Jessica, thank you, thank you, thank you, you made my life with Bernie a pleasure. - Joan Lynch, Levittown

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