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  Free Evaluation

Sublime K9 offers a free service evaluation in your home.  During this we discuss the following:

Your goals for training your dog
Temperament of your dog
Issues that need to be addressed during training
Training methods used to accomplish your goals
Which training program is right for your needs and your dogs’ needs
Cost of program

We recommend getting to know any dog trainer and their methods before you hire them to work with your family.  This  is why we offer the free evaluation. 

Private in Home Lessons

Sublime K9 offers in home dog training for you and your dog.  The benefit is that you as the owner learn to interact with your dog, in your home, and build a solid, positive relationship with your dog.  A certified trainer comes to your home at least once a week for an hour for a determined amount of weeks.  This will be decided at the free evaluation, depending on your needs.   During these private one on one lessons, you will work with a trainer who will teach a lesson tailored to your needs. It may include, basic/advanced obedience, behavior modification, basic manners, house training and puppy basics, agility, and off leash training. Some of our service areas include Massapequa, Levittown and Merrick.

Board and Train Programs

Sublime K9’s Board and Train programs are perfect for people that have a very busy schedule and desire an extremely well behaved dog, or for dogs that have behavioral issues in which behavioral modification is best achieved with training outside their home and regular environment.
We currently offer three Board and Train programs:

1) The Good Dog –This program is designed to give you full control over your dog on leash.  Your dog will learn to heel w/auto sit, sit, down, stay, come and sit from a down position.  This is a 12 day program and includes 3 private in-home follow up lessons. 

2) The Amazing Dog –This is our most elite program and will give you full control over your dog off leash!  Your dog will learn heel w/auto sit, sit, down, stay, come, sit from a down position and place.  This is a 24 day program and includes 4 private in-home follow up lessons. After this program, your dog will respond on or off leash,with or without distractions

3) Behavior Modification Program – Dogs that are in need of a program designed at targeting specific behavioral problems would be a perfect fit for this Sublime K9 program.  This program is 12 days in length and includes the heel with auto sit and the sit command.  The primary focus for this program is to work the dog around other dogs and people as much as possible.  Your dog will be socialized in many different locations and put in situations that are typically a trigger at home. 

**All board and train programs include transportation to and from your home to our facility, 1 professional photo and 1 video of your dog during training, as well as all necessary training equipment.

Introduction to Puppyhood Lesson

It is so important for a new puppy owner to understand what it takes to raise a balanced, well-mannered dog.  Since this is a private one on one lesson, it can be tailored to your needs, but this one hour lesson conducted in your home will include the following topics:

    Preventing Separation Anxiety
    House Training
    Teaching the “Drop it” and “sit” command
    Preventing Food Aggression, and other types of aggression
    Put a stop to play biting and jumping
    Socialization with objects, people and other dogs
    Prevent chewing

    Bite Prevention Education for Children

    Working in conjunction with the non-profit organization, Doggone Safe, Sublime K9 offers an innovative and interactive dog bite prevention education program aimed at primary grade children.  This 45 minute class, to be conducted at your location teaches children to understand dog body language and know how to act in situations involving dogs.  The goal is to prevent dog bites through education in a fun but informative way.  For more information, testimonials, or to arrange for a class at your school of public venue, contact us at 631-241-6482.

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